TimeWatch Web based Time Attendance & Online Leave Management System his product is a standout amongst the most ideal ways that gives you a simple and advantageous route with the assistance of which we can have exceptional yield on speculation by following specific time worked by worker. It gives an easy to understand condition to both the association and representative as it is a program based answer for time participation and leave the board. It is a system that is design for any type of window. This software is available on almost every database Like SQL Server, MSDE, MS Access. There are many advance features associated with it like online Attendance, applying for leave, checking status and sending email alerts to different concern persons. The reporting system of this software solution is also very efficient and convenient to use and explore. Web-based time attendance and online leave management system offers you a high return on investment by tracking the exact time worked by employees - both in and out of the office - while giving both workers and upper management the flexibility and options to check the system from any Internet-enabled PC, Internet-enabled cell phones, PDA or PC at home. Giving you all the information that you need on the move.

User friendly Windows Based System

  • A user friendly, browser based solution for time attendance and leave management system..
  • Web based Admin Module that allows master data creation through browser for employees, department, sections, shifts, holidays, leaves and much more.
  • One centralized installation and multiple access point through internet/internet, that supports multiple companies/branches.
  • Built in reporting module that provides daily, monthly and yearly leave reports. Reports can be exported into Excel & PDF format.
  • Support user roles like Admin, HOD, Team Leader and other that allows multilevel leave approval process.
  • 3rd party Integration-compatible with different access controllers and time attendance products available in the market.
  • HODs/Team Leaders can easily check the status of there sub-ordinate's attendance online.
  • More than 70 types of browser based reports generation in various formats like PDF and Excel.
  • Online attendance, applying leave, checking status and sending email alerts to HODs.