Student attendance software

Student attendance software

With an enhanced working hour and a dearth of resources, teachers are struggling to manage valuable class time. In such cases, they need adequate tools to perform activities effectively. They are not able to focus on teaching as they are striving hard to crack formal duties like taking attendance. Marking registers and executing daily attendance is a tedious task for the faculty members since it is a time-consuming process. To combat these issues, there is remarkable software that helps in speeding up the attendance process instead of doing it manually. Student attendance software designed by Time Watch Company comes to the aid of teachers in overcoming the hurdles.

What is the benefit of using Student attendance software?

  • Student attendance software is one of the latest tools that are designed to streamline daily attendance at educational institutions. Another major highlight concerning this student attendance software is that it assists in maintaining precise records and produce summarized reports of the student's daily attendance in school.
  • The attendance management process integrates with biometric and access card system. The software would automatically generate a report of absentees and send a notification to their parents. It would deliver firsthand information while taking a leave from college, universities or school.
  • Student attendance software keep record of grading transcripts, final results of the test, assessment of scores, create daily schedules, monitor daily attendance and management of student-based information required at school.

    Which are the different methods of automating student attendance?

  • RFID:-
  • Frequency Identification (RFID) is an innovative means of technology that incorporates a simple mechanism. It registers the attendance of the entire class within a matter of a few seconds. However, each student is delivered a smart card bearing a distinctive identification number. RFID readers are normally installed at the entrance of a school building or classroom.
  • These are required to swipe the smart card and the reader scans their unique identification number thereby marking the attendance automatically. As the device is capable of reading multiple cards at a time, the attendance of a student is marked at the same time. The data gathered from the device are instantly transferred to the schools.
  • Biometric:- A biometric system is yet another best way to save time and effort. This process involves capturing the fingerprint of a student and it is saved in the system thereby integrating with the ERP. Students are supposed to place their finger on to the device and the attendance is marked. The possibilities of flaws and proxy attendance are less as the Student attendance software relies on fingerprints. This would make the system precise and extremely reliable. The data is gathered by the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and it can be later viewed, accessed and managed by the authorities in real-time. Apart from managing daily attendance, Student attendance software help in interconnecting teachers and parents. It is indeed one of the best tools to minimize hassles undergone by a teacher. School App Attendance enables the teachers to mark attendance within seconds. At an online portal of Time Watch, all these kinds of software’s are available at an economical price.

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