• We are live in India which has lack of security. We all are facing security related issue in our surrounding. So to improve the security in the region government is trying to emphasize more robust idea to make India as Digital India and in this enhancement of security Biometric Device playing a vital role to improve security and safety. Adhaar Enabled Biometric Device is found to be the best biometric device which has been approved by government to improve productivity and punctuality of employees. It will authenticate real-time attendance using unique adhaar number created by UIDAI. This device is first registered on server and specially designed for attendance marking. It is a cloud based device which does not requires any special hardware or algorithm. It authenticate people by their unique adhaar number stored in smart card and fingerprint ridge can be read by the device in less than 1.5 sec. This device is designed for long term, uninterrupted performance, convenience and speed. It is a cloud based Biometric Attendance System (BAS) that monitors attendance of employees in real-time. Biometrics has been used in the government sector for many years, with fingerprint recognition being the first practice adopt by the police officer to identify the criminal. It has been using since from past several decade. Earlier it is being used to take print of fingerprint on the blank sheet to identify criminal records and keep it to repository for save time in future. Today, technology is become more advances in computer and mobile technology allow a police officer to readily fingerprint a suspect using a biometrics app downloaded to his or her Smartphone to identify the actual criminal. Fingerprint biometrics are also used for access to security-restricted buildings and are an accurate digital identification solution for various government applications such as border control, national identification cards, voter registration and passports. Biometric Device becomes an essential component of identity management.