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Baggage X-Ray Scanner - TW-X6550

X-Ray scanner system expands the administrator's capacity to distinguish potential dangers; the gadget is intended to filter folder cases, portable stuff, The machine is outfitted with the progressed X‐Ray picture detection system and combines the advantages of the active semiconductor detector, digital image processing technology, and computer image display to provide users with an efficient and reliable high‐quality image processing system with the service function.

The equipment can store any number of high‐definition images and has an automatic alarm function for the dangerous goods and drugs, operator training function, hazardous goods insertion function (TIP), network extending and interconnection functions.

• Widely usable for carry-on baggage
• It could help operators to identify suspicious items fast and accurately
• It is compact for checkpoints Airports, Government Offices, Railways, MRTS and other premises applications
• It has auto image archiving
• It has bag counter
• True-color Scanning image
• Automatic alarm function for the dangerous goods

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