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Biometric is used to measure the biological data of a person from its database. Basically, biometric technology is used for security measurement. It is used for person identification and authentication. It verifying the person by their physical and behavioral characteristics. like, face, fingerprint, hand geometry, palm, iris and voice. This robust technology is in demand not in today, but from past several decade it has been using for the major operation.
Time Attendance System using fingerprint is the most common technology and one of the most prevalent mechanism used to automatically monitor the attendance of an employee in a single fingerprint touch. The concept of implementing fingerprint technology will ease down your unwanted amount of work that takes unnecessary effort, resource and time to maintain attendance manually.
Power Supply :  4.5V-6.5V (4 dry batteries)
Typical Static Current :  <55mA (battery life is at least 1 year) 
Working Current 

<250mA (strong driving force) 

Statistic Current <30 UA (strong driving force) 
Unlocking Mode  Fingerprint , Password, IC Card
Passwords for Opening Door <1,000 Units
False Rejection Rate 500 DPI  
False Rejection Rate <0.00004%  
Working Temperature -300C - 600C  
Relative Temperature < 20% - 93%  

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