• Long Range Reader
  • Long Range Reader
  • Long Range Reader
  • Unique finger impression card reader give a completely incorporated biometric and access control arrangement. Reader is an examining gadget on which employers of associations swap their fingers for biometric distinguishing proof. Biometric Reader for unique mark acknowledgment with optical finger impression sensor. The reader joins biometrics and proximity. The reader joins biometrics and proximity, making it the most adaptable distinguishing proof by unique mark and greatest security card MI-FARE Plus

    It is being utilized to resolve issues like:

  • High administration staff who need access with no limitation by VIP card
  • People who have too little fingers
  • People with worn unique mark by the utilization of cleansers or synthetic concoctions
  • Visitors whose entrance by biometrics is entangled, as they are curious about the framework
  • When the claim biometrics enlistment of the guests makes holding up issues
  • When you need to provide a low-security level at an affordable cost, standalone access control units are an effective solution.