Earlier, there was a time when people were given keys to their rooms when they stayed in hotels. But with the technological advances the idea of ‘keys’ is now replaced. In this digital world biometric security has taken over and the electronic locking system has replaced lock keys system. With the many research the manual locking system of hotel lock has proved to be inefficient and unsafe. There are chances where your keys can be misplaced. Chances of theft were also high during key lock systems in hotels and most importantly it provide visitor insecurity. So in the contribution of making India digital and providing admin to digital monitoring the access of visitor in the hotel for given time period. Now, a much efficient and safe approach has been introduced in hotel lock system. The key card hotel lock system is now widely used in hotels. The key card looks similar to a credit card. It has a digital secure code or a physical pattern engraved which opens up the lock to your room. The door mechanism is made such that the lock would only be disengaged by the key card in your possession. With the technological advancements, hotel key cards have also been upgraded, more and more modern approach has been introduced in key card lock systems. There are many types of key cards magnetic stripe key cards, smart cards, mechanical key cards and RFID key cards.

  • Electronic (hotel) door handle and lock was specially designed from durable metal material with easy maintenance with stainless steel coated body.
  • The lock latches meet all international standards for safety and reliability.
  • Our Hotel Door Locks are equipped with RFID readers that work with Mifare 13.56 MHz contactless cards. Each card can be programmed to provide access to specific areas of the hotel or to a single hotel room.
  • The door locks feature an inner real time clock; guest cards will be automatically terminated at time of departure.
  • Each lock can memorize the last 200 entries, which the administrator can check and print with the help of appropriate software.



    Earlier a Mechanical key card is a plastic card which has lock patterns engraved on it. These patterns are arranged in such a way where the lock moves when comes in contact with it. Each new guest is given a new key to access the hotel door lock. Every time admin used to change the password of key to unlock the door. Therefore, there is no possibility of lock to be opened by any other key or by previous key.


    In the modernized era, the hotels also implementing the smart solution to provide safety to their visitor. Hotels are now having smart card hotel lock systems. This hotel locks have wireless configuration as well as Fingerprint and Card system for locking and unlocking door. The access card has a built-in chip installed in it, which works when it is placed in front of the card reader. These cards are computer controlled. The chip is more like a barcode, which the door lock reads. It can only be opened when the guest scan their card on reader and ensure the authorized visitor can only get access into the room, It ensures zeroed chances of theft in hotel industry.