• Biometric technology is now deployed in various sectors due to its importance in security and hospitality management. In today's era all the hospitality sector like hotels, resorts and casinos are now move a step forwarding to the biometric devices to efficiently provide safety and security to the guest in hotels. Using biometric can make the place comfortable for the guest because the traditional method of keeping area secure with too many security check point can make the guest annoyed and inconvenient. Unlike these issues can be resolved by Biometric technology which helps hotel manager to keep track their guest and employee. Unlikely, they can also give the better treatment to their guest because people comes to stay a hotels during vacation to spend their leisure time so at that period of time guest expect the comfortable room, spas and food court without security check. Our government is also very concern about security and they make a guideline for strict identification while check-in in the hotel. The biometric technology will help hotels provide better security for its guests, improve productivity by making biometric attendance mandatory, and offer better customer experience to its guest by providing accessibility at the touch of a fingertip, utilizing fingerprint access control systems. They offer a perfect solution to the guest and also improve the security without offending the guest. Benefit of having biometric can increase accountability and efficiency in hotel, guest house, casinos are specified as below:

  • It eliminate the need of leader key- all that's needed is their fingerprint
  • Eliminate the need for employee using card or username and password to log in
  • Eliminate buddy punching that can substantially reduce payroll
  • By avail this you make your service and employee punctual
  • Every hotel owners must have to opt this technology to wonder the more business and also increase the revenue.