• TIn order to achieve this we have set up of highly experience team who are very aggressive and keep themselves updated with latest technology to serve our customer things well. The main purpose of using Biometric in many areas to provide access control. The area such as: hospital ward area, finance area OT area and many more. The main purpose of Biometric is to determine or verify the identity of actual patients and medical personnel in order to prevent unauthorized people from accessing protected resource. In this trend health care have started implementing unique identification number to their medical personnel and patients to access patient data and report and also improve patient safety and privacy. Biometric device help medical personnel in properly identifying patients and provide right treatment to the right person while maintaining medical records.

    Using fingerprint Biometric device bring more safety to the patients because it read the person physical characteristics and help patients in certain case of emergency. Patient do not have to carry a id card that cause irritation to the patients. Patient’s family will be satisfied for not getting erroneous information about patients. Patients welcome biometric system as a way to protect their confidential information and increase level of security of his personal data would not be leak or fraud. Patient will gate proper treatment which helps them to recover soon. Biometric device eliminate the password loss or any fraudulent activity or identity card loss. Hospital staff will also do their work more actively and process the work more quickly like admission, discharge of patients.

    Hospitals are finding it in their best interest to Biometric Device to protect their patients and themselves. In case of criminal claim the manual method is not accurate to save the accurate medical history such as blood type, allergies, diagnosis and it cause more confusion when the record of two individual patients getting merged and indirectly it will increase the cost for company and give bad impact to the hospitals. Biometric Device use in hospitals and similar clinical environment will ultimately shows the improvement in quality of care, increase staff security, reduce unwanted cost, and eliminate identity fraud and misidentifying patients and prevent from wrong prescribed medications.