HHMD High Sensitivity and ZK -D100S (HAND -HELD METAL DETECTOR)

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A metal detector is an electronic device which is used to detect the metals nearby. It is used to detect the metal object buried under the ground or metal inclusions hidden inside an object. The handheld metal detector consists of a sensor which is used to detect the metal by sweeping the metal detector over the object.

If the sensor detected the metal piece it will make a beep sound and there will a needle moving in the indicator. Moreover, the hand held detector gives the indication of the distance as well. For examples, if the distance is far it will make low sound and the needle will move slowly, and if the metal is near the detector means if the distance is less it will beep loudly and the needle will move at a high speed.

How metal detector works

There are various metal detectors, the different metal detector works in different ways. But one of the similar types has a similar working function. A metal detector has a coil of wire which is wrapped around the circular head at the end of the handle known as a transmitter coil.
When electricity flows through the coil a magnetic field is created around it and when you sweep the detector you also make the magnetic field move. If you make the contact of the detector with the metal object, the magnetic field will affect the atoms inside the metal object.
The detector also contains a second coil of wire known as a receiver which is connected to a circuit that contains a loudspeaker. Thus, if you mover the detector to the metal object the electricity flows through the receiver coil that makes loudspeaker to beep.

Where metal detector is used?

The metal detectors can be used for various purposes such as for security and safety, to find a metal object, etc. It can be used at the airport, shopping mall, shops, cinemas, etc, to detect harmful objects such as knives, cutter, and guns.

It is very useful for security checkups and safety purposes. Since there are many cases reported that in shopping malls and in aircraft people uses harmful things such as knives and guns to hijack the aircraft. It is necessary to have metal detectors at every airport and shopping malls. Even it can be used at private places to detect some sort of metal objects.

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