Gym management software helps in managing everything from membership to class schedule. It is used for keeping a track of membership fee, managing exercise schedule, sending reminders of due amounts, there is a lot of functions on the single plate for gym managers. Fortunately, a gym management system helps you with all the major gym operations. It is a solution that offers multiple features to help gym owners improve their admin tasks. Gym management is a powerful software software and easy to use which is specially designed for all types of gyms, boot-camps, and fitness studios. The system offers scheduling, 24-hour gym access, member check-ins, workout benchmarks, reporting, and more.

Using this software, gym owners can deliver connected & personalized fitness experience to its members. It has a simple yet intuitive dashboard, through which you can plan the activity schedule of your members and notify them in advance via SMS. Further, managing the schedule of your staff and fitness trainers is quite easy with a simple, user-friendly dashboard. Also, you can track the billing cycle of your members with this software, and get paid on time.

  • Through application we can provide date selection wise authentication to user In device like if he have submitted fees on 01/01/2019 which is valid for 1 month if after month he /she is unable to submit fee device will not authenticate/ accept his/her thumb.
  • Provide time zone like 5 AM to 10M for 1 user and etc.
  • Through application you can check IN/OUT time report