Flap Barrier

Restrict & Control access to crowded place using Flap barrier

Flap Barrier is a superiority incomparable products widely demanding in the market. Whether on the control on tolling, attendant, or right of passenger for passing, or counting of the passenger, there will be a great deal of material and manpower. A large amount of work, a lot of spending, and a very low efficiency resulted with this traditional management model.

Widely appreciated features of Flap Barrier

  • • With the function of alarm and self-examine, it is convenient for use and maintenance.
  • • With the help of a small keyboard, it can program running status which is in the main board
  • • Sound or light alarm function
  • • Poles are automatically locked with the help of a first signal is received.
  • • Poles synchronization
  • • The function automatically reset: If the pedestrian hasn’t passed through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening, it will automatically lock. The passing time is adjustable.
  • • Channels automatically close when power on, and automatically open when power off.
  • • It is attachable with several card reading devices.
  • • Bi-direction or one direction control is optional.
  • • It can be managed and directly controlled by remote control.
  • • It can control the movement of 40-45 persons per minute.
  • • It is highly reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • • It is friendly in use at entrance and exit point.
  • Uses and Benefits of Flap Barrier:

    Ensuring the security of a place and managing the crowd at the entrance of businesses is a very challenging task. Installing a flap barrier is one of the most reliable solutions for this purpose. It does an excellent job in areas with high pedestrian flow. Also, it is designed for controlling and securing access to space. Flap Barrier are also known as speed stiles or speed gates. They are aesthetic, waist height pedestrian barriers made with toughened glass or acrylic wings. Their common uses are badge management and visitor management and lane/queue management and restricting unauthorized individuals. It can also be integrated with Biometric, fingerprint, or RFID systems to become a fool-proof time attendance & Access control solution. By recording authorized IN/OUT transactions and restricting unauthorized entries, flap barriers offer an ultimate security system without delay.However, it is the strong merit point of our company’s management product to solve the problems of this kind.

    Get to know about Time Watch

    Time Watch is a leading company engaged in the business of designing Flap Barrier and other biometric products using quality assured materials. Flap Barrier is designed by our designers to provide complete security and access control in the public passages. Our designed product is considered to be more effective than other methods of security primarily because it can be easily synced with sensors and restrict any unauthorized entry without much delay. Because of flap barrier high-end security performance, the product is high in demand. It is the scientific crystallization of the high development of social civilization, and it opens a new era for scientific management.

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