Door frame metal detectors

Secure your home with Door frame metal detectors

TimewatchIndia is one of India’s leading home security systems. With expertise in Metal Detection, manufacturing facility, they work closely with our customers to gain a deeper understanding of their requirements. This enables us to constantly improve and upgrade our products at pace with changing times. They strive for quality and Innovation; this enables us to constantly surpass the level of quality and innovation which our clients anticipated. They are one of the leading Electronic Security Systems Company, exporter and supplier of door frame metal detectors. They are manufacturer of the door frame metal detectors using the best availability of raw materials and they are so designed with a proper base that they can be installed and placed well. They are very efficient useful and for security checks because they not only detect metals but also nonmagnetic stainless steel too.A canteen is an intricate part of any organization. Be it a big multinational firm or a college or institution, canteens are a must feature everywhere. But, at the same time maintaining a canteen is not a child’s play. Administrations and management over the past decade have expressed serious concerns on the traditional ways of operating canteens in their respective organizations.
It is an electronic device and it detects the presence of metal nearby.They often consist of a control unit with sensors which can, If the sensor comes near a piece of metal this is indicated by a visually and audibly.They are the leading manufacturer of the door metal detector from the past 30 years with a wide range of products with stringent quality control parameters in place, our products are manufactured using only the latest technology and equipment.Our production units are operating out of a state-of-the-art facility which is backed by a strong R&D unit. Our attractive door frame metal detectors are appealing to the eye with their striking designs — made possible by the artistic people in our workforce. Our products go through rigorous quality tests before being made available in the market. They are constantly innovating and trying to improve the quality of our products. With the help of our large distribution network, they have been able to deliver our consignments on time.

Benefits of Door Metal Detectors

: These door frame metal detectors are portable and efficient enough to detect even the smallest trace of metal in any place or luggage. The sensitive metal detectors in the door are also equipped with LED lights for the display findings. These metal detectors are mostly used in industries such as courts, airports and many more as well as in establishments like mint factories, jewelry production and many more.
Security is perfect with this Metal Detector. Timewatchindia Door Frame Metal Detector is designed to detect both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.It is passed through the aperture vicinity in any conceivable manner. It is very sensitive and has been used in the jewelry and other various manufacturing units to protect the various unavoidable pilfering activities. This metal detector is useful for the customs, factories and all high-security sites. It has a sensitive phase detection circuits and this circuits allow the user to enhance the sensitivity for certain group of metals and reduce it to the large extent.
Basic Features:
  • - Easy to Operate, no especially skilled personnel is required to operate.
  • - High Reliability, long life performance.
  • - High Sensitivity and High Accuracy.
  • - Detects all metals including nonmagnetic Stainless Steel.
  • - Indigenous. Spare parts and maintenance readily available.
  • - Robust and user-friendly controls and features.
  • - Audio / Visual alarm on Detection.
  • Door frame metal detector can prevent your house from unsolicited entry through main door which can reduce the threat to robbery or theft. It can detect ferrous and non ferric materials that can be used to damage the door potentially.

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