• Management of employee attendance record accurately is the backbone of any organization in order to get the maximum productivity. We provide you wide range of attendance and access control system to avoid the unnecessary hassle. Maintaining attendance of an employee manually is very difficult and has no surety of accuracy. Moreover, it will also increase cost, item and effort to HR management. So we are come up with solution opting automated method of maintaining attendance help management to see the real-time attendance and also help HR to evaluate the total employee present in company. Our Biometric Device can easily installed and not require any additional software because it has integrated software for automatically calculate attendance of an employee and also monitor employee In/Out time, leave, schedule shift, monitor on duty employee, payroll processing and also increase punctuality in the environment of the office. We have not only set of biometric devices, we have our own application that allow user to mark their attendance by just clicking a selfie in the inbuilt camera and it will automatically fetch the location with date and time and it will easily view by seniors also.

    Instead of taking the most expensive solution we have wide range of device which has ability to take your employee attendance which is easy to sue & simple in design and can be understood by anyone. Our team has done the all handwork and sleepless night to develop a biometric time attendance machine which can work at office, school, colleges and even remote location. They will give you proper report with tracking location. As traditional attendance system nowadays is not efficient for offices. All corporate offices are opting for the different biometric devices that help in managing the attendance and discipline in the environment of the office. They are easy and efficient to use. They really work very fast and it is paperless. These devices provide employee ease & support. They provide proper analysis & reporting.