• The rising of biometric security in the construction field is due to security and accuracy. Installing biometric fingerprint device allows you to track the movement of all your employees and contractors, every day. In construction sector thousands of employees working in both onsite and on offsite. So it is really a difficult task to maintain the attendance record efficiently. So that Biometric solutions are becoming widely accepted as a simple and secure solution too many issues raised with construction site security. They eliminate the fake buddy punching and assign employee his role and responsibilities for their time. It has consistency to streamline their operation and drive efficiency. Securing a big construction site and providing access control is really a challenging task. They have thousands of employees located at multiple access points. It will take much time because the workforce is change from one day to next. So if we used paper-based mechanism can take much time to record data or proximity card it may be shared among workers then buddy punching and time theft can be happened. So that construction site requires the full proof technology to deal with the issues and protect the site during construction. These fingerprint biometric device install at the site that can be connected to the on-site computer and cloud based device. Every worker should scan their fingerprint to gain access to get enter into the construction site. It will also help site-contractor or manager to track worker movement and also time attendance report. These biometric site access control systems ensure that only the right worker and the right people are on site when they are needed. We have device which are robust enough that is the best choice for Construction site workers often need to clock in and clock out at checkpoints using dirty hands or gloves. However such hands pose no problem for today’s advanced readers that can provide reliable results even with low quality fingerprints. After deploying this biometric device will give you the report of employee total working hour that is when employee has to stop and when he started their work. It will automatically record the appropriate time of total work done of everyday. And generate a report accurately. This system does not require the involvement of HR to ensure shifts and monitor the shift are covered and prevent from over scheduling and missed shifts. While scheduling quickly and efficiently making everyone's life easier.