A well-known solution is running successfully to manage your canteen, food court over the large scales. It reduced the paperwork and provides 100% paperless solution. Though, you can easily pull out the whole report anytime anywhere. It can be used in Budget Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Clubs, Restaurant, etc. Our software is cloud based software with comprehensive solution for canteen with cloud back office. This software has ability to monitor the multiple counters over a network in a closed environment. This software is designed keeping in mind the flexible working for hotel, industry and organization. Our canteen management software is designed under the guidance of experience developers. Our software provide cost effective solution for school, colleges, hotels, organization or anywhere the catering facility required. Organization with large workforce can't handle canteen activity through manual process. They require central canteen management software to monitor all the activity in canteen. Our canteen management software provides a user-friendly interface for food menus, payment features, etc. I would suggest you to reduced the cost by integrate your biometric device with canteen management software with contact less smart cards. It ensures the speed, reduction in food wastage, bring down your administrative efforts & cost, automate the process, bring transparency between the system, saves manpower, reduced cost and increase employee satisfaction. It also enhance the overall security level. You can also integrate the software with payroll software so that the actual & accurate deduction from the employee can be done without any redundancy and delay.

Unique Feature

  • Saves food order in case of insufficient balance available in card.
  • Easy user-interface
  • Fastest, reliable, transparent, accurate, bill operation
  • Save paperwork
  • Improve customer service
  • Easy & Accurate Tax filling
  • Avoid long customer queues
  • In this modern world having cafeterias in office, factories, clubs, organization, industry, hotel, hospitals is common in now a days. However, managing the menu, consumption, attendance, billing and other such operation is a challenging job. Manual and paper based process are inaccurate can cause error and leads to wastage of time. So that, canteen management is very necessary for keeping track of food, attendance, billing and all other consumption accurately. TimeWatch offers a canteen management solution to keep track of food item and their consumption by the group of employees & users. Our software is coded in such a way that allows the accounting process for user is cashless. To place the order of food user have to use credential including fingerprint, card, and smart card to order food. Our canteen management software (CMS) is completely automated software in order to delivery, payment, tracking menu, prevent accounting error. This reduces the user queue & transaction time and also it blocked user if user exceeds its consumption limits. We suggest you to avail this software and integrate it with your payroll software for accurate & actual deduction and also enhance security with lowering the operational cost.