Canteen Management Softwares

A canteen is an intricate part of any organization. Be it a big multinational firm or a college or institution, canteens are a must feature everywhere. But, at the same time maintaining a canteen is not a child’s play. Administrations and management over the past decade have expressed serious concerns on the traditional ways of operating canteens in their respective organizations.
It goes without saying that the need for the canteen in any place – companies, schools, colleges, hospitals, multinational firms and even hotels themselves are just inevitable. It is the management of the inventory and the cash involvement that worries managements.
In order to tackle all the issues and as a comprehensive solution to all the hassle, organizations are now adopting to the Canteen Management Softwares System. The role of the software is to integrate the canteen with every systems and department to improve the functionality and have better control over its expenses and income.
Managing a canteen is not at all an easy task. The process of manual inventories and billing is the toughest of all the jobs performed in a canteen. Also, cash handling has always been an area of concern in the traditional system as it always involved the risk of manipulating entries and details of cash collected by officials in charge of it.
Developed by software companies, the canteen management softwares can be integrated and configured in any system with ease effortlessly. Proper training and support are provided by these software development companies for ease of understanding and use.
Though every canteen management softwares developed has its own range of functions and features, they all are multidimensional in nature. The common tasks remain the same under each module of the software. Some of the key features presented by this software are:
  • - Bill generation at the point of sale
  • - Record quantities of any particular item sold from the menu
  • - Sale report
  • - Create and continuously update the basic details of the canteen
  • - Inventory management for groups and sub-groups
  • - Creating sections as per meal periods and its timings
  • - Setting up prices and portion quantity of each menu item
  • - Bill generation of every item that is being sold
  • - Combining the payment system along with providing various options of payments like cash, card, debit to and more.
  • - In case the organization provides smart cards to its employees that also can be incorporated with the system.
  • - Report generation for analysis – daily, weekly, monthly and annually
  • - Comparative analysis from comprehensive data
  • - Cost control and inventory control
  • Large size organizations and institutions often have more than one canteen. In such a case, the data collected from all the different canteens can be consolidated together at the main accounting system for analysis and various other accounting purposes. The biggest advantage of using the software is control over inventory and stock and prevents misuse of items and products by anyone for personal profit.
    The canteen management softwares from timewatchindia.com is a multi-dimensional software solution that has been developed with intense research to provide the best possible solution for canteen management.

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