Time Watch offer Biometric time attendance systems, Includes fingerprint reader or card based (Proximity Smart Card) Biometric devices to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employees. These Biometric devices not only save time also avoid fake buddy punching.

Time Watch India perfection in the business of Time and Attendance System manufacturing and supplying in India. We are using bar-code, magnetic card, fingerprint Scanner and face based technologies. TimeWatch is the manufacturer of best Biometric time attendance Device for all types of offices, industries, companies, banks, restaurant, corporate hubs and any places that require time attendance system. Biometric time attendance system is high in demand because of

  • High security
  • Cost effectiveness
  • High performance and technology
  • Time Watch not only manufacture but also supply wide array attendance systems like biometric time attendance system, fingerprint time attendance system, biometric fingerprint time attendance Device, fingerprint reader and card based time attendance system.

    Fingerprint attendance machine are widely popular due to their potential to reliably identify people based on a near-universal physical trait. Moreover, the advancements of technology have led to development of fingerprint recognition systems that are small and inexpensive. As a result, the deployment of these systems has increased in a wide range of situations and applications. Some prominent examples of its application include mobile phones and laptops, building and car doors, border control and other high security military applications.

    1. Centralized Time-Attendance Management of Multiple Locations

    2. Time-Attendance System for Real-time Monitoring

    3. User-wise Attendance Marking and Processing

    4. Manage Multiple Shifts and Overnight Shift Effectively

    5. Instant Notifications on Exceptions

    6. Live Attendance Tracking for Immediate Correction

    7. Schedule Reports for Convenience

    8. Generate Customized Reports for Next Action

    9. Accurate and Timely Salary Data for Payroll

    Fingerprint biometrics has been in existence for thousands of years. With the advancements in technology, this trend continues to grow. The increasing need to reduce instances of fraud as well as to provide secured access to physical and logical assets have made fingerprint biometrics a very popular and widely used technology. Fingerprints are almost impossible to steal, forget, lose or compromise and thus fingerprint technology provides a greater degree of security and convenience as compared to other traditional authentication mechanisms. They can also be used in combination with other authentication mechanisms to provide enhanced security for a critical resource.

    The simple idea behind this is just when it comes to security region biometric is the best approach to get the optimal solution for every critical problem for every need.