Iris Recognition System

Iris Recognition System

Iris Recognition System: A reliable authentication process

Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd is a prominent information technology company based in New Delhi, India. They are currently a global leader across the nation who deals with several types of biometric time attendance devices and software like the Iris recognition system.
Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd has introduced one of India's first-ever Iris recognition Systems that are capable of recognizing people via Iris (Retina) and face. It compares the overall biological traits of a human being. This device ensures a quick and hassles free user experience. The purpose of the launch of this remarkable device is to ensure optimal security.

What are the features of Iris Recognition System

  • This device takes advantage of mathematical pattern recognition method of visual images of an individual's retina.
  • Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd launched this equipment that would enable the companies to collect comprehensive images of an eye using innovative and high-resolution digital camera infrared wavelengths.
  • Iris Recognition System leverage unique computer software known by the name machine engine that helps compare iris pattern to that of images preserved in a database.
  • One of the benefits of this matching engine is that it could compare multiple images simultaneously.

    How to track precise information of an individual using the Iris Recognition System?>

    Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd has incorporated certain control mechanisms in the above-mentioned device to confirm and verify that capture pics is that of an actual face instead of a superior quality image. Its ambient lighting should not generate reflections directly from the cornea that conceal certain parts of an iris.
    The experts of Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd hold the view that there are numerous contact lenses as well as glasses that might conceal the iris pattern. Iris Recognition System has been primarily used for security-based applications. Most of the countries across the globe have deployed iris recognition systems at airports, transport terminals, government buildings, law enforcement areas, etc. This innovative means of technology helps prevent unauthorized access to third parties, personal computers, and mobile applications.
    The internal team of Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd has introduced tiny, convenient and portable iris scanning equipment exclusively for consumers. It would circumvent the need to enter a password to access a spot. Iris recognition applications are compatible with iPhone and similar mobile devices like smartphones.


    Time Watch Infocom Pvt. Ltd is a global leader in the distribution of biometric time attendance devices and software like Iris Recognition System. They have upgraded this device by including brand new features to engage the users. They have laid special emphasis on offering comprehensive IT solutions catering to the needs and expectations of various industries. Apart from that, their well-equipped infrastructural facility would make sure that final products are offered that meet in accordance to requirements of discerning customers. The sales and support team of the company aims at providing reliable technology at a reasonable rate. Customers may visit official website of the company

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