• Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Generally, biometric devices use fingerprint, face and other human identification characteristics. In which the fingerprint is most commonly used biographical trait for personal identification and authentication, but sometimes it fails to analyze the fingerprint expression in some caviling situation. Either it requires high configuration with standard operational feature device to increase its effectiveness which is not much cost effective.

    Where can we use? Iris Recognition System can use anywhere and in any type of business where security is the main concern. It is used to monitor the attendance of an employee. For small scale access control or time & attendance applications, the capture range can optionally be extended to 30 to 45 cm in recognition mode, further increasing positioning flexibility.

    We are leading security solution provider preferred by our quality product in the market. Iris Recognition System is an another addition to our biometric Time Attendance series that offering you effortless user experience. The most intuitative feature of this product is, its elegant design, fully functional device, ease to use, dual iris recognition system, automatic camera tilting as per user height, fast matching in 1 Sec, it has its own ARM main board to manage all face and iris imaging processes

    Specification of the Iris Recognition System

    On-board data storage: Standard: 10,000 iris template pairs (useful for 1:N authentication mode) with match speed of about 1.0 second Optional: 50,000 iris template pairs with match speed in 1:N mode of about 1.0 second Face data base size of 1,000 face templates, with 1:N match speed of about 1.0 second Smart card and PIN options for more secure authentication Meets ISO 19794-6 2011 and ISO 29794-6 iris imaging standards 640 x 480 pixels, 8 bit depth, supports multiple formats Fast recognition mode provides 30 to 45cm range (15 cm depth of capture) for small scale applications. WiFi and card reader options are also available.