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Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Device

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biometric time attendance

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Aadhar based Biometric Attendance System
Is used to mark attendance of employees / students using Aadhar card number and the fingerprint which is stored in Aadhar server. And it helps in avoiding any proxy attendance. TimeWatch is Supplying all types of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance Machines. We are supplying Aadhar based Biometric Machines to all parts of India.

What is Aadahar Enabled Biometric Attendance System ?As part of the “Digital India” program of Government of India, it has been decided to implement common Biometric Attendance System (BAS) in the Central Government Offices (Agencies) located in Delhi which may be extended to offices of the state and governments and other government institutions in future. The proposed system would enable an employee to register attendance by simply presenting his/her biometric (finger print/Iris). This event will be authenticated online after one to one match with the bio metric attributes stored in the UIDAI data base against the employee’s Aadhaar number For implementing this project, the Central Government Organizations need to follow a structured approach in coordinating with different stakeholders

Need of Aadahar Enabled Biometric Attendance System ?
Government of India employs several thousand officials working across Ministries, Departments and various organizations under itself. The management of attendance of the employees is a complex but necessary task, since the presence of officials in offices directly impacts productivity and efficiency. Traditionally, attendance has been managed through registers where officials mark their attendance upon arrival in office. However, supervision of this system is difficult and is also liable to incorrect information being entered into the system. Late arrival and early departure of employees is a common occurrence across organizations. This creates a situation where the sincere and punctual employees feel discouraged and dis incentivized.

Salient Features of cloud based BAS solution ?

  • This Biometric Attendance System is based on Aadhaar Authentication (Fingerprint and Iris Based Authentication).
  • It is an attendance system with real time monitoring.
  • The system has comprehensive MIS
  • This is a lightweight system which does not requires any special hardware or algorithm
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms (Windows, Android, etc.) and form factors (Laptop, Desktop and Tablets, etc.)
  • Robust System -Self sustained for small power cuts as it uses tablets at the frontend.
  • Time taken to Record Attendance is as low as 1-2 Seconds on Wi-Fi and 8-11 Seconds on GPRS (SIM) On-boarding Manual for Biometric Attendance System| 2014 10
  • System is tightly integrated with the communication channel of SMS. A user gets SMS’s from the systems at various levels like after registration, on non -marking of attendance and other conditions to empower the users of the system.