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biometric time attendance

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What is Aadhar Based Time Attendance System?
The purpose of aadhar based time attendance system is to mark the attendance of employees using aadhar card number and the fingerprint stored in the aadhar card server. It helps to track and prevent proxy attendance. As part of the “Digital India” program of Government of India, it has been decided to implement common Aadhar based Biometric Attendance System (BAS) in the Central Government Offices (Agencies) located in Delhi which may be extended to offices of the state governments and other government institutions in future.

Need for Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance System
Government of India employs several thousand officials working across Ministries, Departments and various organizations under its jurisdiction. The management of attendance of the employees in various departments hence is a complex but necessary task.
The aadhar based attendance System
is essential for keeping up a precise and cutting-edge attendance framework. The biometric time participation framework can be utilized as a tracking tool. It encourages organizations to enhance their working and increment the efficiency. This is to a great degree proficient framework perfect for changing the work feel and improving the profitability. Blemishes in dealing with the finance can be disregarded and diminish the inflationary costs that are joined with errors of including manual estimations. Any development of the employees/students can be observed progressively, influencing it to suitable for organizations to put an eye over their people.

The advantages of this Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance System are

  • This Biometric Attendance System is based on aadhar Authentication (Fingerprint and Iris Based Authentication).
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms like android, windows, and factors like laptop, desktop, tablet etc.
  • Lightweight system which does not demand special hardware or algorithm.
  • Strong build and persistent with self-available power back up for short power cuts as it uses tablets at the frontend.
  • The system provide real-time attendance
  • The system has comprehensive MIS
  • Time taken to Record Attendance is as low as 1-2 Seconds on Wi-Fi and 8-11 Seconds on GPRS (SIM) On-boarding Manual for Aadhar based Attendance Machine| 2014 10
  • System is tightly integrated with the communication channel of SMS. A user gets SMS’s from the systems at various levels like after registration, on non -marking of attendance and other conditions to empower the users of the system.
  • Aadhar Based Bio-Metric Machine by Time watch

    This Aadhar Based Time Attendance Machine is more celebrated as a biometric approval framework. In any case, it has expanded gigantic essentialness as the front line time participation security framework, ensuring precise, basic and improved worker support organization and other related segments. This application has moreover decreased the weight, offering a prevalent following and observing framework. Time Watch offers high bore and 100% genuine biometric security frameworks.

    Time Management is the main priority for employers. So this aadhar based time attendance system will be the best choice for all the employers and organizational heads who tend to improve their productivity as it will wipe out all the errors that could have been caused manually and save time.