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Door Frame Metal Detector Multi 2/6/8 Zone

Technical Parameter

Detection Level 16 levels to indicate the volume of metal passing
Sensitivity 16 levels to select, for allowing persoanl belongings
Alarm Audio alarm on all metals ferrous & non-ferrous
Enviornmental -10°C to +50°C up to 95% RH

For Security, Access Control & Pilferage Check

Technical Parameter

Installation Indoors
Format All around search coil with base bridge
Power 220V AC mains
Construction Laminated wood frame
Arch Size 220×90 cm
Clearance 220x75cm
Approx Weight 30kg
Controls Builtin
Special features Furniture finish
Tuning Auto set
Application Industrial security Public biuldings
  • Time watch single zone metal detector is latest advanced microprocessor based Door Frame Metal Detector in fit & use format.
  • All around search coil 16 level bar graph make it ideal for access control & very useful for pilferage check/industrial security at high sensitivity zone.

Multi 2/6/8 Zone Door Frame Metal Detector

This Multi door metal detector is the best technical advance metal detector for best security system, with loaded features e.g. -Six over-lapping zones to detect the location of the suspect metal articals hidden in the human body with respect to height, Digital/Analogy and left right balance of signal prevents false omitted alarm. its Password allow the authorized person for the operation. It is highly safe. Intelligent counter displays traffic flow and the times of alarm, its Capacity Upto 70 persons/min , 30W power consumption, SMPS type /30W Inbuilt Power system etc.

Advanced Features

  • Time watch metal detector is Approved for security integration by Indian Railways
  • Computer Connectivity
  • IP address / ID for remote monitoring
  • Parameter control thru remote
  • Remote Alarm relay
  • Battery Backup more then 4hrs
  • Real Time Clock, Year -Month-Day
  • Complete Data Recording
  • Date Times, Alarm level