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Wireless CCTV Cameras

Item KW5902
Video Input Composite Video input, S-video input & Y Pbpr input
Audio Input Support analog stereo audio input
Video Output Composite video, S-video and Y PbPr Output
Audio Output Support analog stereo audio input
Transmission Range 3 Km (open site)
Frequency Range 4.9 Ghz ~ 5.9Ghz (Dynamic selection technology to resist interference)
Data Rate Upto 15mhz
Video Bill Rate 3 Mhz ~ 15 MHz
Video Audio Modulation OFDM with BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM and 64 QAM
Video Compression MPEG-2
Video Resolution D1 up to 30fps
Transmission Channel 50
RF Output Power 200 mW (64 QAM)
Power Consumption Transmit ( at +23dBM) 550mA
Receive( at -85dBM) 370mA
Sensitivity -85dBM for video data rate of 6Mhz
-75dBM for video data rate of 15Mhz
RF Regulatory Compliance 5 Ghz band in following countries and regions
North America ( FCC)
China (Mill)
Japan (TELEC)
Europe (Europan Commis
Others Dynamic frequency selection (DFS ) for resisting interferences
Secure networking to assure privacy and current rights protection
Transmission of IR control signals to the video source devices from the TV location
Auto detection of NTSC and PAL
Power Supply DC 5V/ 3A for AC Adapter
Pannel Antena Gain 18 dBi
Polarization Linear Vertical
Impedance 50 Ohm
HPBW / horizontal 16 °
HPBW / vertical 16 °
Survival wind speed 180 km/hr
Operation Temperature -40 °C ~ +80°C
Humidity 0-90% (Non-Condensing)
Dimensions H275 x W290 x D110m/m

Time Watch India Wireless CCTV Cameras are best where CCTV cabling is not possible or difficult to install. we can use this wireless service even across the buildings. Wireless CCTV Cameras system is free of wiring problem like cutting a wire and stealing video signals etc. but in case of wireless CCTV Security surveillance system this type of threat is minimized or very difficult. Generally these cameras is for very good high quality video. this system is used in high end projects or in a big organisation system where we have to connect multiple locations with multiple CCTV Security Cameras through long range transmission upto 25 kms by the high end transmitters and receivers.

The growth in the field of wireless CCTV Cameras technology is very High because of its benefit of Long range transmission at multiple location and secure video streaming at indoor or outdoor surveillance. The benefits of wireless networking are well documented.

Two main issues that have hindered the take up of wireless video:

  • The perceived security of the networking solution
  • The reliability with connecting devices and nodes.

However, not so well documented are a further two issues that have been identified by educated installers of wireless video, namely:

  • The capacity of the network
  • The simplicity of installation.