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Fiber Optic Solution

Fiber Optic solution used where CCTV Security cameras are monitored from a very far distance that runs into kms. In these type of cases both wireless system and wired system become very difficult to install and Manage. these conditions demands Fiber Optics Cable solution for CCTV surveillance system. Through this system we could receive Very high quality Video and it works properly and easy to maintain.


  • Ideal for Big departmental Store.
  • Best in Hotel Surveillance Systems.
  • Monitor Highway / Railway Signal Control & Video Monitoring System.
  • Used in Traffic Control System.
  • Factory Surveillance System.
  • Sports Complex, Stadium Broadcast & Surveillance Systems.
  • Suitable for Airport Security Systems.
  • Intelligent Building Automation Systems.

Time Watch India is a leader in the providing of CCTV surveillance solutions for a long distance, By using advance fiber optic technology in the mobile telecommunications solution and CCTV cameras.

Time watch India fiber optic solution used in High end CCTV camera Solutions and providing connectivity of multiple cameras to control station through high end transmitters and receivers upto a range of 25 KMs from Optic Fiber Solution for CCTV security Surveillance system.